The Kid - Competition History
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Marnie L. Hutcheson
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Phone: 352-237-3963
Address: Ocala, FL 34481
12246 West Highway 40, 34481
Dressage Vehicle:
Buckeye Cart

Marathon Vehicle: ECC Bat

The Kid, Marnie, and Dave at the Georgia International in 1998 Preliminary Level, Photo by Ann Pringle

Photograph by Ann Pringle

The Kid and Marnie practice at Basingstoke Combined Training Event in 1996

Horse: The Kid
AHSA # 4013247
1/2 Arabian Reg.: 1A274252
Registered Name: AO Great Adventure
Sire: BARBARY+++ Polish Arabian
Dam: Adventure Some Saddle bred
Foaled 4/13/88
15 hands 2"   930 lbs.
Even though Combined Driving has been this team's primary focus for the past 4 years, they have also competed successfully in Dressage, Endurance, Jumpers, and Combined Training.
Bay El Bay++
The Kid... Barbary+++ Balalinka
AO Great Adventure
Adventuresome Supreme Sultan
Jolie Madame

Competition History 1997-2003

Event Level Division Date Score Result
Brandywine Pleasure Show, Kennet Square, PA Open Adult 6/1/03 4th, 3rd, 2nd, A ribbon in every class, but most importantly, all clean cones, even progressive!
Spring Florida Power horse Carriage Classic, Weirsdale, FL Advanced Open Single Horse 3/9/02   Best of Show Fitness Award
Treasure Coast CDE Preliminary HC Single Horse 1/18-20/02 129.7 4th overall marathon, 1st advanced cones
Dressage: 52.8 (4th)
Marathon: 61.9
Cones: 15
Big Bear Driving Trial, GA Preliminary HC Single Horse 11/2002   1st Overall
Florida Power Horse Advanced Single Horse March 2001   2nd Overall, Best Conditioned Horse
High Prairie Farms CDE Advanced  Single Horse 9/29-10/1/00   1st place Advanced, and Best Marathon (dressage 41, cones: 10)
The Laurels Advanced USET Final Selection Single Horse 9/8-10/00 118.07 11th overall, 8th in the US, selected to compete as an individual at worlds. (dressage:45.0, marathon:63.07, cones:10.0)
Bayer/USET Festival of Champions  Advanced USET Qualifier Single Horse 6/22-25/00 138.20 7th place USA 11th place overall (dressage:54.60, marathon:68.10, cones:15.5)
Georgia International CDE Advanced Single Horse 4/14-16/00 144.27 2nd place USA 8th place overall (dressage:50.67, marathon:83.6, cones:10)
Yellowframe CDE Advanced Single Horse 4/7-8/00 157.25 12th place USA 17th place overall (dressage:55.00, marathon:79.75, cones:22.5)
Live Oak CAI-B Advanced Single Horse 3/23-26/00 162.00 6th place USA 9th place overall (dressage:65.00, marathon:82.00, cones:15)
Gladstone CDE Advanced Single Horse 9/24-26/99 139.73 4th place USA, 6th place overall (dressage:48.33, marathon:91.4, cones:0)
The Laurels CDE Advanced Single Horse 9/10-12/99 147.3 12th place USA, 13th place overall (dressage:51.3, marathon:68.00, cones:28)
Cannon Carriage Classic Pleasure Show Single Horse 8/28-29/99 NA Reserve Grand Champion
Bayer/USET Festival of Champions CDE Advanced Single Horse 6/24-27/99 175.5 9th place USA, 13th place overall (dressage:54.0, marathon:75.2)
CAN-AM CAI-B Advanced Single Horse 5/21-23/99 140.7 2nd place USA, 7th place overall (dressage:59.6, marathon:68.6, cones:12.5)
My Lady's Manor Pleasure Show Single Horse 5/16/99 NA 1st place musical freestyle
Sunshine State Games Driving Trial Advanced Single Horse 4/25/99 68 1st place (dressage:48, cones:20)
Georgia International CDE Advanced Single Horse 4/16-18/99 153.5 5th place (dressage 48.7, cones: 20, marathon: 84.8)
Yellowframe CDE Advanced Single Horse 4/8-11/99 145.2 8th place & Best Conditioned Fitness Award
Liveoak CDE Advanced Single Horse 3/25-28/99 162.4 6th place (dressage 45, cones:35, marathon 82.4)
Valhalla CDE
Musical Freestyle
Advanced Single Horse 2/27/99   1st place
Valhalla CDE Intermediate Single Horse 2/27-28/99 148.5 6th place (dressage score 45.6)
Gothe Challenge 25 mile Endurance Ride Open Medium Weight 12/98 na Top 10 and Best Condition
Fair Hill International CDE Intermediate Single Horse 10/23-26/98 140.6 6th place (dressage 51.8, cones: 0, marathon:88.8)
Gladstone CDE Intermediate Single Horse 9/24-27/99 169 8th place (dressage: 49.4 3rd place, cones:9, marathon 110.6)
The Laurels CDE Preliminary Single Horse 9/12-13/98 103.7 7th place (dressage: 49.9, cones: 0 Marathon:53.6)
Georgia International CDE Preliminary Single Horse 4/98   4th place
Yellowframe CDE Preliminary Single Horse 4/98 125.1 12th of 27
Live Oak CDE Preliminary Single Horse 3/98   8th place?
Wakeva River 35 Mile Ride Rookie Middle Weight 11/97 na Completion and Conditioning Award
Live Oak CDE Preliminary Single Horse O 3/97   1st place
Oceola 25 mile Endurance Ride Rookie Middle Weight 1/11/97 na Completion and Conditioning Award

Competition History Pre 1997

Blue Ridge CDE Training Level Single Horse 6/96   6th place
Live Oak CDE Training Level Single Horse 3/96   Eliminated
Gladstone Spring CDE Training Level Single Horse 6/95   2nd place
Live Oak CDE Training Level Single Horse 3/95   5th place
Valhalla CDE Training Level Single Horse 1/95   6th place (Our first CDE)
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